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J & R H

We have been with this company for 6 years and are very satisfied with the product and the excellent customer service. Having a full freezer with many choices makes meal planning so easy. We are a busy family of 5, so one less stop to the grocery store after work is a real blessing. I highly...

M. R

We have been customers for several years and just signed up for another shipment. We love so much about this company. We love the products: the meat and chicken products are tender and taste great--even our kids will eat them. The packaging is great. The food does not get freezer burnt even...


We have been with Canadian Home Grocers for a number of years. The meat, chicken breasts and steak we have ordered on a consistent basis; the quality is excellent, I find it is better than high end restaurants. It is always tender and so wonderful to cook. I enjoy the fact that since the quality...


We have been customers with CHG for approximately 10 years and have enjoyed the food and the wonderful service. When we first started our food orders, our five children were still living at home, so it was so convenient to have every sort of meat and extras delivered right to my front door. Now...

JM & S

This is our 5th re-order with Canadian Home Grocers. Our family of 4 enjoys the convenience, quality, and taste of the meat we receive. It is individually shrink wrapped, so preparing last-minute meals doesn't mean having to order out or buying fast food. The quality of the meat is better than...


We first became customers of Canadian Home Grocers in 2007. We continue to appreciate the top quality products and the customized packages. We value spending our money on just the cuts of meat our family enjoys and in the quantities we want. It is nice to have the meat on hand. In the end we...


This morning I placed my 12th year order with Canadian Home Grocers. In the past years we have had amazing service. I can't imagine ever having to buy meat in a grocery store. We have been so spoiled with the products and the fact that it is delivered twice a year. My freezer is always full. We...


When we were first contacted by Canadian Home Grocer, we were a little reluctant to purchase all our food at once , especially items we have never tried. We are no longer reluctant. We took the chance and Canadian Home Grocer did not disappoint. We are given excellent service at our convenience...


I just wanted to let you know that this is my 4th year ordering from Canadian Home Grocers. The first year I ordered I was a little worried about it. When my order arrived I couldn't believe the amount of product that came. The meat alone filled my freezer and I had to stuff the veggies and...


This is the fourth year we have been shopping with Canadian Home Grocers. We have always received the highest quality of everything from customer service, dry goods, and especially the meat we have purchased.

Our guests always ask us where we find such great quality of meat, and we love to...


I like always having a full freezer and pantry, especially, as we always have so much company. The grade of meat is excellent! When I buy lean ground beef in the store I find it has way more fat then CHG's beef.


We received our first delivery from the Canadian Home Grocers last night and I wanted to say "Thank you" for sending such courteous and professional employees. They quickly and efficiently delivered our order and were at our house promptly at 7pm (our window was 7-9pm).


We are a family of 5, with 4 of them being boys and have been with Canadian Home Grocers for 7 years. We absolutely love the meat. We haven't had any meat from the stores that can compare. The service is great, fast and they always carry in the boxes to where you want it to go and not just...


As a customer for the last 6 years, I have enjoyed the individual vac pack selections. It has made my fast pace life so much easier. To get home and realize nothing has been taking out for supper is no problem. It only take a few minutes to take something out of the freezer and run it under cold...


We have been with Canadian Home Grocers for four years now. They have great prices and great quality meat. Having guests over for summer BBQs and hearing the good comments on the meat makes it worthwhile. People tend to be afraid of purchasing frozen meat like steaks, chicken, fish or pork,...


This is our sixth year ordering from CHG. We love the quality of the meats and the convenient packaging. Ordering and delivery of the food is fast and professional. With a busy family it is reassuring to know there is always food in the freezer. This also means less trips to the grocery store....


My husband and I are 27 years old and this is our second year dealing with Canadian Home Grocers. We have only dealt with a couple employees but they have all been very professional and great to deal with. Now that we have been with CHG for almost a full year, we can say that we are very happy...


My family has been getting our meat from CHG for 6 years running. We love the convenience of always having a variety of meat on hand to choose from. The best part is that each year our order is completely tailored to our taste and needs. The ordering process with the customer service...


CHG has worked with me over the years to make sure I have the right amount of food for my family’s needs and at a price we can afford. There is a package for any family, no matter how big or small. The quality of the meat is outstanding. I have CHG meat in my freezer that is two years old, but...


As a long term customer here are some things I really enjoy about CHG. My experience dealing with CHG has always been positive and pleasant. I believe I am now in my 9th year with Canadian Home grocers, and I am still very happy with their service. Why you might ask, most importantly the quality...

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