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K & J R
Carleton Place

We were recommended to Canadian Home Grocers by friends. The CHG Staff are friendly and accommodating. They are very flexible, and delivery was quick and professional. We will definitely be continuing with their services.


This is our first time using the Canadian Home Grocers service and it has been an excellent experience! The meat is fresh and better tasting than store bought, packaged in perfect proportions that make meal planning extremely easy. The variety of food to choose from is extensive, and the prices...

S & P S

The best part of the Canadian Home Grocers service is the time saved running to and from a grocery store at the last minute to get a meal prepared at the end of the day. The food has been great, we have no complaints.

C & J R

We are very pleased with the quality of the meat and the convenience of this service. The most important aspect to our family is how natural the meat is …. no steroids or antibiotics (like what you buy in the grocery store). This is one more thing that gives us peace of mind. You can actually...

J & T G

Can’t say enough about Canadian Home Grocers, not only is the food and service phenomenal, but it is always right at your finger tips. The fact that I always have a freezer full of quality meats really puts a smile on my face. Can’t wait until I get my next order. Hands down the best service,...

E & D R

We are first timer customers with any sort of bulk food service providers. We have been blown away with the Customer Service we have received. The ease of having products in-house while being on maternity leave was such a blessing.

We look forward to exploring options for our next order.

T & C B

We have been using Canadian Home Grocers for three years now and have experienced the greatest quality products. Our favourite is the ground beef and the steaks. The packaging seals in the freshness and the flavour of the meats. The individual 1 lb. packaging makes the preparation of dinner so...

C & G G

This is our first year with Canadian Home Grocers and hand on heart, I’d like to say the quality of the food is top notch. Being able to change products on our Part 2 order is awesome (try exchanging food from the grocery store).

The service is absolutely fantastic. Great job keep it up!

R & L L

Thank you for the great service. The quality of meat is very good, we really enjoy it. The Staff are very friendly. We love the fact that we only have to go to our basement to grab meat for our meals.

Thank you and keep up the good work.

T & M B

Well this is our first time ordering from Canadian Home Grocers and there truly isn't enough good things we could say about this company, the quality of their food and their service! The quality of the meat and the service we received is second to none. The food is fantastic and everyone we have...


We have been with the Canadian Home Grocers for 4 years now. We have always been very happy with the product. The advantage of being a Part II Customer (our order was split in 2 deliveries), it allows us to make some changes, either increase or decrease and substitute the quantity of one type of...


I have experienced the greatest quality products with Canadian Home Grocers. The packaging seals in the freshness and the flavor and the quality of the meats. The individual packaged made the preparation of dinner so simple and easy. This is such a convenient service and the value for what you...

N & L S

The meat we received with our CHG order was very good quality, the bacon so delicious, not like the pre-packaged grocery store product. The amount we received was impressive also. Half of our 14 month order lasted us 8 months. I was also impressed that we were able to purchase a freezer with our...

P & D P

We are a new customer with Canadian Home Grocers and have just received our 2nd delivery. The CHG driver was so very helpful, polite, accommodating, and just a really nice human being. He remembered our home, the basement layout, and where the freezer was located. Overall (as a customer), it...

J & J S

We have been with C.H.G. for about 6 + years. We love the convenience of the home delivery with the fact we both have worked shift work and having 3 boys to shuffle to this activity and that activity. So we don't have to go to the city (30min. drive) as often to get groceries. We have done many...

L & B S
Barry's Bay

I have been a customer of Canadian Home Grocers for 5 years and cannot say enough about them. Their meats are vacuum-sealed for freshness and labelled making them easy to find in the freezer. Having the meats stored in 1lb packages makes it easy without the fuss of having to weigh the meat for...

V & T D

This will be our third time ordering from Canadian Home Grocers with their 10 month program, and as you can tell we are a satisfied customer. Their friendly service is top notch. When a representative comes into your home he is pleasant, knowledgeable, and open-minded. They will sit down with...


I really like CHG as the meat is the best as well as the food in general. With a busy life as mine, it’s fantastic to not be standing in line at a grocery store. I have been using company for approximately 6 years or more and recommend CHG to all my family and friends


Absolutely love all the meat/dry goods we’ve gotten from you guys over the last 13 years. The chicken is our family (and Guests) favorite, always so moist never dry. I love the way everything is pre-packaged individually. I highly recommend Canadian Home Grocers for any size family. Good quality...


I have been a customer of Canadian Home Grocers for 7 years. You can't beat them for convenience and freshness. All meats are vacuum sealed and labeled for easy identification. I am also pleased with the variety of meats and the fact that packages are tailored to my family’s needs. Service has...

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