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This is our first order with Canadian Home Grocers and we are extremely happy with them. Their customer service is always helpful and friendly! We would never go back to buying meat at the grocery store! 100% satisfied !


Very happy with the quality of meat and the service from our sales rep John. We have never felt pressured by John. We have been happy customers for quite a few years now !!


At the beginning of ordering from Canadian Home Grocers I had purchased some dry goods and can goods but the last two years I purchased only my meats and the ketchup as I buy most of my can goods etc by bulk. Canadian home grocers is awesome because all your meat is individual packs and if there...


Canadian Home Grocers is a wonderful way to help make life easier and feel good about feeding the family. It gives us access to hormone free and great quality meat in a convenient manner. Love your company. Thank you for your service.


Wanted to drop you a note to say how much we are enjoying the order we placed with your company. All the red meat according to my husband is just delicious and my chicken, be it ground, boneless or whole, tastes really good. We have some way to go till we are ready to ask for more of our order...


I love the way this works. I always have meat in my freezer. Even if we are having financial troubles, I know we still have food. The meat is better than grocery stores, and you especially see the difference in the chicken. There isn’t as much water that cooks out of it. I have less stress on...

Vankleek Hill

The service is friendly and exceptional. When we first ordered we weren’t sure what we were getting into. After getting our first order, we’re now looking forward to our second one. We are pleased with everything. Food is great, but it’s the meats we’re really sold on.


We have enjoyed the food. Having less water content gives us more meat for our money which is always a good thing. We also enjoy only needing to shop for the vegetables/milk and other items in the store where the healthy food is located.

Smiths Falls

I am very satisfied with the products and service I have received from CHG. I have used CHG twice now, the first time I placed a large order which included a new freezer. All the cleaning products worked well and the meat was packaged in good sized portions. All my choices were of good quality....


Canadian Home Grocers has worked out for our family. As the ‘designated’ grocery shopper in our home it has certainly been much easier for me to just drop in and grab a few essentials once a week at the supermarket. We are not much for studying the weekly specials, so the fact that we are...


We have been dealing with Canadian Home Grocers for going on 14 years now. Could not imagine my life without CHG. The customer service is amazing, the meats are amazing, the convenience of how everything is packaged is amazing. I just can’t say enough ~ thank you for everything CHG.


Our first time using CHG has proven to be a great experience. The selection available is refined to suit our needs and the convenience of having these items on hand is perfect for last minute guests. The meats are individually frozen and vacuumed sealed, which allows for quick thaw. It makes...


This is our first order with Canadian Home Grocers (CHG). We were not disappointed !!!

For us, the convenience of having our order delivery split into two shipments is a bonus because we only have a small freezer, and when we ordered the second half of our order, we were able to make...


This is our first time using CHG. From the time they called to book the initial appointment, until my first order was delivered, everyone was very professional. Even the delivery guys, who always get flack for being grumpy and not caring about the customer, were very upbeat and walked us through...


I have a family of five, and make big meals every day. The meat from Canadian Home Grocers is amazing, really tasty and tender. I love the fact that it is all individually packaged, it saves me so much time when cooking. I also like the fact that I have lots of canned goods that I can choose...

J & S H

Great friendly service, with great prices you can’t go wrong. We like that CHG brings everything to your freezer and/or pantry. Also easy payments which helps with your budget, especially in this economy. We will be using this service for a long time.

C & K U

This is the first time that we have used the Canadian Home Grocers service. The meat is excellent and the portions are always the right size. Also the convenience is wonderful, as we don’t have to run to the store every other day. Thank you for providing us with this service.

K & M L

This was our first time using Canadian Home Grocers and we were very impressed. The quality of food is exceptional and their Customer Service is excellent. I would highly recommend CHG and we will definitely be ordering from them again.

C & G L
St. Isidore

My family tried the food program offered by Canadian Home Grocers for the first time. We really enjoyed that we could choose the food that our family prefers, and it was even possible to make some changes on the second part of our delivery. The meat is very good and we have a variety of meat cut...


My family and I have been using the services of Canadian Home Grocers for 10 years. That is approximately 30 deliveries. I enjoy their split order options because it allows me to make changes to my order without hassle or penalty. There have been very few discrepancies with my orders over the...

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